House decoration, home layout will always involve home feng shui layout issues, precautions and home feng shui taboos。 The source of leisure lighting The balcony, as important as the door, is the place where the living room is breathing。Now the new development of real estate are balcony as a big selling point to attract consumers。In the villa, the balcony is an important place for people to relax and is a big landscape of the whole house。An elegantly furnished sun... [详细]
The bedroom is an important part of the house。1/3 of the time of life, we almost spend in the bedroom, the environment in the bedroom will be directly related to a person's rest and sleep, so the layout of the bedroom is related to whether we can have strong energy, moist face and so on。 Ten taboos in bedroom decoration 1, the bedroom should not be placed... [详细]
Shower room decoration knowledge, super complete! For the decoration of the shower room, people often say that we must pay attention to the orientation, zoning, etc., these knowledge are mainly for human health to consider。The following life home editor will take you to understand the 6 points of knowledge that need to be paid attention to the renovation of the shower room。 ... [详细]
Kitchen layout taboo new house kitchen decoration precautions The cooking room is a place for cooking and stir-frying, and the family's three meals a day are born here, so the importance of its decoration is self-evident。The functionality of the kitchen is very important, and the layout of the kitchen can not be ignored。So what are the taboos of feng shui knowledge in kitchen layout?New house kitchen decoration precautions and what?Today, Xiaobian will make a point for these problems and everyone... [详细]
Bedroom with balcony, how to solve the bedroom with balcony 如今,The architectural styles of houses are becoming more and more diverse,At the same time, it also increases the choice of buyers to a certain extent,For example, a bedroom with a balcony is a very common pattern,In terms of decoration,The balcony can make the bedroom more light,Have a wider vision,Of course, it can also play the effect of the magnetic field and decoration of the house,... [详细]
Watch out!These taboos could bankrupt you! For home taboos, those who believe are concerned everywhere, and those who do not believe are dismissive。In fact, it can be said that it is a traditional Chinese culture, and can even be traced back to the long ancient times。In ancient times, people choose the address of Yin house and Yang house, generally choose a good place, and now people's home decoration is even more so。Good can bring fortune, career luck, health... [详细]
Because the kitchen represents the family's wealth, food and health, and brings together many incompatible utensils, its orientation must be considered in detail in order to benefit the health and development of the family。Here are the top 10 kitchen taboos。 1. The kitchen door should not be facing the front door "Yangzhai Sanyao" pointed out: "Open the door to see the stove, money is more expensive。"This case will handmaid... [详细]

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