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1. Interior designer

Job responsibilities:
1.Communicate with customers and conduct on-site house survey and sketch;
2.According to the needs and preferences of customers, do a good plane plan;
3.Complete the design plan and plan deepening work according to the stipulated design cycle, communicate the plan with customers and submit it to the design supervisor in time for review;
4.Customer docking, return visit and sign decoration contract;
5.Do a good job of organizing the implementation of the company's design projects, responsible for tracking and supervising the projects;
6.Complete other tasks assigned by superiors。
1.College degree or above, major in interior design;
2.At least 1 year working experience in home improvement company;
3.Have positive motivation, done the network single, talk single ability;
4.Proficient in CAD, 3DMAX and other design software;
5.Able to complete creative design and construction drawings independently;
6.Familiar with construction process and technology;
7.Good communication skills, have a certain marketing concept;
8.Able to work under pressure。

二、Master material specialist

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the procurement of decorative materials;
2. Collect, analyze, summarize, inspect and evaluate supplier information;
3. Responsible for material sample selection, quotation, procurement as required by the company, confirmation and coordination of material entry time for the designated site to ensure normal operation of the site;
4, real-time control of market prices, technical information, constantly recommend new products, new materials for the company, provide purchasing reports to the management;
5. Cooperate with other work related to materials。
Job Requirements:
1, skilled use of WOOD, EXCEL and other OFFICE software;
2, can roughly read the decoration engineering drawings and CAD electronic decoration drawings;
3, more than one year decoration industry material procurement experience is preferred;
4, cheerful personality, strong negotiation, bargaining and communication and coordination skills;
5, have a good procurement ethics and professional quality;

Third, network marketing specialist

Job responsibilities:
1. Develop customer resources through network channels and follow up customer information;
3, use the community owners QQ group, mail, owners forum, new media and other network platforms to find the need to decorate the owners;
4. Be able to accurately judge customer demand information, learn and master home improvement knowledge, and provide help to customers;
5. Use network media to collect market dynamics and information;
6. Encourage exploration and development of new channels for online customer acquisition;
7, do a good job of customer information statistics, accumulate data to provide data support for the company's promotion channel direction;

1, Internet or home improvement related work experience is preferred;
2, with rich customer resources and customer relations;
3, good interpersonal communication skills, customer maintenance and management skills;
4. Quick thinking and high interest in the Internet;
5, have online chat sales experience, proficient in office software;
6, have a certain network marketing ability, learning ability and team consciousness

四、Website customer service

待遇:6000—12000Or higher

Working hours: Morning9:00—18:00

Job responsibilities:

1Answer consultation calls and answer customer questions timely and accurately;

2Through the website online customer service software to understand customer needs and timely answer customer questions;

3Processing customer orders on the company's cooperation platform;

4Have the awareness and ability to communicate with customers, answer customer questions, and follow up customer transformation, and cooperate with designers to invite customers to the store;

5Salary: no responsibility base salary+提成;

Job requirement:

1Good command of computerofficeOffice software, love customer consultation and communication services;

2Strong learning ability,Have good sense of service,High sense of responsibility and team work spirit;

3Have strong language expression skills, communication skills;

4Standard Mandarin, articulate, hard-working, hard-working;

Five, website copy editing

Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible for corporate publicity planning, marketing software and other copywriting writing; Have rich experience in writing creative advertorials, write relevant content through corresponding keywords on the website, actively grasp the communication trend and hot spot tracking, and write various advertorials, news and activity information。

2Write the promotion copy of marketing activities, so that the promotion can achieve diversification, content and branding;

3Planning and implementation of soft online promotion activities (event marketing, topic marketing, etc.);


1. College degree or above, copy editing experience is preferred;

2. Have planning ideas and good writing skills, efficient writing ability, strong language appeal, can control a variety of styles;

3Familiar with website, wechat, Weibo, network media, network community and new media soft article writing and promotion, cooperate with the team to complete the implementation of activities。

4Strong news awareness and planning ability, insight into the latest trends of the industry and competitor information。

4. Project supervision

Job responsibilities:
2.Responsible for project pre-delivery, quality management, schedule and personnel management;
2.Responsible for communicating with customers about the connection of construction process;
3.Responsible for regular inspection of site progress and acceptance according to specifications;
4.Responsible for the shooting of hydropower road construction;
5.Responsible for the punishment of the problems existing in the process of project management;
6.Responsible for resolving general customer complaints;
7.Responsible for making improvement suggestions to the problems found in the management process;
1, age not less than 28 years old;
2. Major in civil and industrial construction, more than 3 years of home improvement project management experience;
3, familiar with home improvement construction technology and acceptance standards, understand decorative materials;
4, have rich experience in construction site management, have a strong ability to control various emergencies;
5, strong sense of responsibility, strong organizational coordination and language communication skills, with team spirit;

5. Construction foreman

Job responsibilities:
1, strong communication skills, a high sense of responsibility, proficient in interior decoration technology。
2. Manage the construction site;
3, attitude quality: good conduct, construction standards, quality assurance, good reputation, serious and practical work, strong coordination ability, a strong sense of team;
 4, obey the company's management, earnestly implement the company's rules and regulations。
Job Requirements:
1, it is best to work in the south (Anhui, Jiangsu)
2. At least 30 years old
3. Work experience shall not be less than 8 years
4, have good communication skills, can communicate well with customers
5, can understand the type of construction drawings
6, more than 3 years of home decoration company cooperation, contract decoration project management experience。

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