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Dining room balcony厨房Rest room卧室

Dining room balcony

Dining room and balcony standard configuration:

1, floor tiles covered, pointing agent pointing;
2, the floor is covered with standard kickline;

3, the top of the wall: putty, paint;
4, balcony wall top surface: putty, paint;

5, balcony floor tiles covered, pointing agent pointing;

6, ground leveling treatment;
7, light body wall grid cloth processing;

8, circuit transformation;
9. Material handling upstairs;
10, garbage handling downstairs;

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Standard kitchen configuration:

1.Wooden door, lock, hinge, door suction;

2.Wall: brushed treatment, wall tiles, pointing agent pointing;

3.Ground: floor tile, floor tile pointing agent pointing, door stone customization;

4.Top surface: aluminum buckle ceiling, LED lighting and installation;

5.Cabinets: including floor cabinets, hanging cabinets and countertops (only single font or L shape);

6.Cabinet body plate package pipeline;

7.Wall tile Yang Angle strip;

8.Waterway, circuit transformation;
9, Angle valve and hose installation;
10, material handling upstairs;

11, garbage handling downstairs;

Rest room

Bathroom standard configuration:

1.Aluminum-magnesium alloy door, lock, hinge;

2.Wall: wall drawing treatment, wall tiles, pointing agent pointing;

3.Floor: floor tile, caulking agent caulking, door stone customization;

4.Pipeline: light body brick wrapped pipeline and sound insulation cotton mute treatment;

5.Bathroom: toilet, shower, bathroom cabinet or basin, faucet, floor drain;

6.Waterproof: ground, wall waterproof;

7.Top surface: aluminum buckle ceiling, LED lighting and installation;

8.Wall tile Yang Angle strip;

9.Waterway, circuit transformation;

10, Angle valve and hose installation;
11, material handling upstairs;
12, garbage handling downstairs;


Bedroom standard configuration:

1.Wooden door, lock, hinge, door suction;

2.Wall top surface scraping putty, paint;

3.Ground: floor or floor tile, including kickline, floor tile pointing agent;

4.Top gypsum line and installation;

5.Circuit modification
6, ground leveling treatment
7, light body wall grid cloth processing
8. Materials are carried upstairs

9, garbage to the downstairs

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Renowned design team with a variety of styles

American style

Chinese style

European style

Modern simplicity

Elite construction team to create gold diamond project

Selected quality main materials

橱柜开关Wood floor卫浴木门Latex paint瓷砖吊顶

Well-known environmental protection auxiliary material

Characteristic construction technology

Kitchen sun Angle strip technology

The kitchen toilet Yang Angle bar at the layering process, so that the Yang Angle bar at the tile is not easy to damage;

Ground curing dustproof technology

Apply special ground treatment agent on the cement floor to seal loose particles on the cement floor, make the ground base more compact and firm, eliminate dust, and enhance the binding force of decorative materials;

Ceiling Angle anti-cracking technology

Gypsum board ceiling corner, using the whole gypsum board cutting installation, completely solve the ceiling corner cracking problem;

Waterproof all-round brushing process

The pipe roots were sealed, and additional water coating was applied to the corners and roots to achieve the waterproof effect of air permeability, water permeability, toughness and high strength.

Door press stone technology

Avoid deformation or mildew of wood lines due to high humidity and moisture;

Water pipe hot melt connection technology

Hot melt exquisite technology seamless connection, smooth and firm interface, prevent the interface due to temperature changes caused by deformation and leakage phenomenon, extend the service life of pipe fittings;

Toilet floor tile wet paving technology

The ground first do waterproof layer, then do leveling layer, and then paste the floor tile, the ground waterproof layer is not easy to destroy, the floor tile combination layer has high strength, high density and is not easy to permeate water;

Process of reserving access ports for sewer pipes

To avoid the blockage of the sewer pipe in the process of use, the manhole can be opened to facilitate maintenance。

Site investigation and pay-off process

Accurate survey of the construction site, standard level reference line, to provide accurate reference for all construction parts;

Yin-yang Angle protection technology

Special Yin and Yang Angle lines, completely solve the common Yin and Yang Angle bending problem in the construction of latex paint, not only enhance the anti-collision force of the Yang Angle, but also make the Yin and Yang Angle more beautiful;

Decoration service process

01. Online booking

Leave your contact information The staff will contact you as soon as possible

02. Free measure room

Designer home volume room to develop exclusive design scheme

02. Scheme validation

Confirm the solution online or offline You can participate in a special renovation solution

04. Decoration signing

After confirming the plan and quotation, sign the formal decoration contract

05. Start construction

The project manager develops a plan for the team to enter the construction phase

06. Check in

Project manager strict acceptance You can make service evaluation

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