Ceramic tile collocation method。 oneTile classification and advantages Ceramic tile materials are various, according to the needs of the family, choose the right, the general family needs for ceramic tile is: dirty and wear-resistant, waterproof and non-slip, brighten the space light, increase the space level, the following is a simple list of several ceramic tiles。 1, polished brick: hard and wear-resistant, the most suitable for living room use 2, glazed tile: impermeable, dirty, non-slip and easy to clean, rich color, specifications, kitchen and bathroom most suitable for use... [详细]
  1, choose simple and generous furniture   2, clever use of space dead corners   3, sliding door to reduce space waste   On the one hand, the small kitchen should pay attention to the complete function, but also to maximize the utilization of space, so that the visual space is wide。The kitchen with small space can not store many appliances at the same time, so it is the best way to put the appliances into the cabinet as much as possible... [详细]
Soft outfit must do five things        Get a lot of owners of the house for the first time decoration, do not know where to start。Most of the home improvement companies only hard, soft just put forward some opinions, the new home in the end will show what a look or with the owner's later dress up is very related。To create the perfect new home, it is through soft decoration... [详细]
Let the home noble without losing elegance, how to decorate a simple European style?       The classification of decoration style is gradually refined. Today, life home Xiaobian will come to talk to you about what are the decoration points of simple European style decoration。If you don't want your home to be too luxurious, you don't... [详细]
How to care for the elderly at home to create a comfortable bathing environment In winter, the bathroom space has become the focus of attention, especially those with elderly people at home。So there are old people, how to do a good job of bathroom space design, to create a safe, assured, comfortable environment? In winter, the bathroom space becomes people's close... [详细]
1.大漆。Lacquer, also known as natural paint, is divided into raw paint and ripe paint。Raw paint toxic, rough film, rarely used directly, after processing mature paint or modified into a variety of refined paint。The finished paint is suitable for drying in a humid environment, and the resulting film has good luster, toughness, high stability, strong acid resistance, but slow drying。The modified quick-drying polishing paint, paint and so on have low toxicity, tough film, can be sprayed and brushed, convenient construction, acid resistance, water resistance, suitable for advanced painting。 ... [详细]
In the decoration, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of selecting materials, and once you enter the home store, the shopping guide will come To recommend you a variety of products, and finally you do not know which one you choose, Just remember what it looks like and pay for it。 "So, what are the choices of tiles?How to choose a really good tile ... [详细]
With the rise in house prices, can only be forced to buy a small house, but as long as the decoration plan to choose the right small space can become a large space, the specific with Xiaobian together to see。 In terms of color, try to use light colors, solid colors and bright materials, and white walls can make the small bathroom look bigger 。Or choose milky or light yellow, light blue and light green are also good, let people naturally associate with water, but also belong to... [详细]
New house decoration should pay attention to these points will not regret      New house decoration, most of the owners are novices, overwhelming problems need us to solve, always let a lot of people are unprepared。So in the decoration we should pay attention to what problems?Xiaobian sorted out some knowledge points, hope to help you or decoration rookie ~ One: Be thoughtful &n... [详细]

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