I'm coming. So, this is how we drop Now, here's how we drop Reservation hotline: 010-59478589;010-65561885; [详细]
Living room furniture selection。 After the decoration, the choice of furniture is a headache for us。Living room as one of the more frequent daily use of home space, the choice of furniture is often needed to be unified with the overall style。So, living room furniture should be how to choose? European style Style characteristics: European style living room, generally relatively spacious, highlighted... [详细]
Ceramic tile collocation method。 oneTile classification and advantages Ceramic tile materials are various, according to the needs of the family, choose the right, the general family needs for ceramic tile is: dirty and wear-resistant, waterproof and non-slip, brighten the space light, increase the space level, the following is a simple list of several ceramic tiles。 1, polished brick: hard and wear-resistant, the most suitable for living room use 2, glazed tile: impermeable, dirty, non-slip and easy to clean, rich color, specifications, kitchen and bathroom most suitable for use... [详细]
Attention: Warm congratulations on the opening ceremony of Jingxing Decoration Experience Center a complete success Gongs, drums and firecrackers blared in unison People are watching, the whole world is celebrating Warm congratulations to Jing Xing decoration Grand opening of the Integrated Experience Center Renovations, we're serious! Jing Xing Decoration, 9.16 Making History ... [详细]
十大棋牌网赌软件5.590,000 year-end bonus, half price, send the whole house furniture 19年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层总部大厦,有实力,不跑路 "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast 20 years old Beijing enterprise, design/construction double qualification 2021 the capital trust of the home improvement brand Life + Construction... [详细]
Everything is ready, just for the family。。。      At 2 p.m. on October 3, 2017, Jingxing Home Shares' 2017 third quarter commendation and summary conference was held in the conference room on the second floor of Jingxing Building。This conference to "full Mid-Autumn Festival, hard work, inspirational practice" as the theme, Jingxing home chairman,... [详细]
He Spring Festival: Jingxing Decoration eighth home improvement New Year goods Festival has begun 19年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层总部大厦,有实力,不跑路 "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast 20 years old Beijing enterprise, design/construction double qualification 2018 Beijing hundred trust home improvement brand "Life + Construction Alliance"... [详细]
Good start: Jing Xing decoration spring home improvement Festival, New Spring Huan new home 19年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层总部大厦,有实力,不跑路 "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast 20 years old Beijing enterprise, design/construction double qualification 2018 Beijing hundred trust home improvement brand "Life + Construction Alliance"... [详细]
House decoration, home layout will always involve home feng shui layout issues, precautions and home feng shui taboos。 The source of leisure lighting The balcony, as important as the door, is the place where the living room is breathing。Now the new development of real estate are balcony as a big selling point to attract consumers。In the villa, the balcony is an important place for people to relax and is a big landscape of the whole house。An elegantly furnished sun... [详细]
The bedroom is an important part of the house。1/3 of the time of life, we almost spend in the bedroom, the environment in the bedroom will be directly related to a person's rest and sleep, so the layout of the bedroom is related to whether we can have strong energy, moist face and so on。 Ten taboos in bedroom decoration 1, the bedroom should not be placed... [详细]
  1, choose simple and generous furniture   2, clever use of space dead corners   3, sliding door to reduce space waste   On the one hand, the small kitchen should pay attention to the complete function, but also to maximize the utilization of space, so that the visual space is wide。The kitchen with small space can not store many appliances at the same time, so it is the best way to put the appliances into the cabinet as much as possible... [详细]
Soft outfit must do five things        Get a lot of owners of the house for the first time decoration, do not know where to start。Most of the home improvement companies only hard, soft just put forward some opinions, the new home in the end will show what a look or with the owner's later dress up is very related。To create the perfect new home, it is through soft decoration... [详细]
Let the home noble without losing elegance, how to decorate a simple European style?       The classification of decoration style is gradually refined. Today, life home Xiaobian will come to talk to you about what are the decoration points of simple European style decoration。If you don't want your home to be too luxurious, you don't... [详细]
Shower room decoration knowledge, super complete! For the decoration of the shower room, people often say that we must pay attention to the orientation, zoning, etc., these knowledge are mainly for human health to consider。The following life home editor will take you to understand the 6 points of knowledge that need to be paid attention to the renovation of the shower room。 ... [详细]
Open a year of great benefit, zero increase the whole house package presents the capital 20年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层总部大厦,有实力,更靠谱 "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast 20 years old Beijing enterprise, design/construction double qualification 2022 Beijing hundred trust home improvement brand "Life + Construction Alliance"... [详细]
Teach you three tricks to solve the problem of formaldehyde on the floor!       Life home Xiaobian suggested that you choose green environmental protection materials of the floor, but if the decoration accidentally used inferior flooring, formaldehyde exceeded what to do?Here are three moves, help... [详细]
Kitchen layout taboo new house kitchen decoration precautions The cooking room is a place for cooking and stir-frying, and the family's three meals a day are born here, so the importance of its decoration is self-evident。The functionality of the kitchen is very important, and the layout of the kitchen can not be ignored。So what are the taboos of feng shui knowledge in kitchen layout?New house kitchen decoration precautions and what?Today, Xiaobian will make a point for these problems and everyone... [详细]
Bedroom with balcony, how to solve the bedroom with balcony 如今,The architectural styles of houses are becoming more and more diverse,At the same time, it also increases the choice of buyers to a certain extent,For example, a bedroom with a balcony is a very common pattern,In terms of decoration,The balcony can make the bedroom more light,Have a wider vision,Of course, it can also play the effect of the magnetic field and decoration of the house,... [详细]
Watch out!These taboos could bankrupt you! For home taboos, those who believe are concerned everywhere, and those who do not believe are dismissive。In fact, it can be said that it is a traditional Chinese culture, and can even be traced back to the long ancient times。In ancient times, people choose the address of Yin house and Yang house, generally choose a good place, and now people's home decoration is even more so。Good can bring fortune, career luck, health... [详细]
How to care for the elderly at home to create a comfortable bathing environment In winter, the bathroom space has become the focus of attention, especially those with elderly people at home。So there are old people, how to do a good job of bathroom space design, to create a safe, assured, comfortable environment? In winter, the bathroom space becomes people's close... [详细]
Four dilemmas First, the local renovation of the city field is busy, the brand company is not interested, and the guerrilla construction problems are numerous Difficulty two, local decoration material selection trouble, small local labor, materials running around, time-consuming and laborious Third, the local decoration quality of the old house is difficult to guarantee, and the ordinary company has no professional experience in the decoration of the old house 困境... [详细]
60 square meters old house renovation key 60 square meters two rooms one hall simple installation how to save money         With the high price of housing, second-hand housing has become the first choice of many owners。The primary problem of buying second-hand housing is decoration, take the old house decoration of 60 square meters。Old house decoration is a test for designers, old in our country... [详细]
Old house decoration need to spend how much money old house decoration should pay attention to what        Now the second-hand housing or many people will now buy second-hand housing can not be avoided... [详细]
Because the kitchen represents the family's wealth, food and health, and brings together many incompatible utensils, its orientation must be considered in detail in order to benefit the health and development of the family。Here are the top 10 kitchen taboos。 1. The kitchen door should not be facing the front door "Yangzhai Sanyao" pointed out: "Open the door to see the stove, money is more expensive。"This case will handmaid... [详细]
        Many people will spend a period of time in the old house, due to a variety of reasons, will choose to redecorate the old house, and the old house decoration process, and the new house decoration process is very different, they have a great difference in the process, then, the old house decoration process?What is the focus of the old house decoration?Tanner... [详细]
    The decoration of the old house has been gradually eliminated with the changes of The Times, but if it is renovated, the old house has more steps to rectify than the rough house。But about How much do you know about the problems that need to be paid attention to in the rectification of old houses?Old house decoration!What are the necessary steps? 1, the aging water pipe must be replaced ... [详细]
Due to the continuous growth of housing prices, the current 60 square meters old house has become a lot of owners to buy the house The child object, and the purchase of 60 square meters of old houses can not avoid decoration first, then 60 square meters What are the main points of the old house decoration?The following decoration network small editor for everyone to introduce 60 square meters old house decoration eight points。 Eight key points of 60 square meters old house decoration 60 square meters old house decoration points: ... [详细]
Before you renovate the floor, first find out how the floor was installed。If the old floor is loose, deformed, arch warping phenomenon, most of the original keel is fixed by cement mortar old-fashioned technology。If the floor is replaced during renovation and the old keel is not removed, the same situation will soon occur with the new floor。     二.Traditional hanging cabinet, timing "bomb"     ... [详细]
1.大漆。Lacquer, also known as natural paint, is divided into raw paint and ripe paint。Raw paint toxic, rough film, rarely used directly, after processing mature paint or modified into a variety of refined paint。The finished paint is suitable for drying in a humid environment, and the resulting film has good luster, toughness, high stability, strong acid resistance, but slow drying。The modified quick-drying polishing paint, paint and so on have low toxicity, tough film, can be sprayed and brushed, convenient construction, acid resistance, water resistance, suitable for advanced painting。 ... [详细]
In the decoration, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of selecting materials, and once you enter the home store, the shopping guide will come To recommend you a variety of products, and finally you do not know which one you choose, Just remember what it looks like and pay for it。 "So, what are the choices of tiles?How to choose a really good tile ... [详细]
Thursday, December 14, 2017 Beijing News Share:  File picture ... [详细]
Beijing Youth Daily, Thursday, December 21, 2017 2017 is the 14th year of the establishment of Jingxing Decoration。This year, Jingxing Decoration moved into the Jingxing Building, which was independently built at No. 3, Shilibao, Chaoyang Road。The completion of the building makes consumers more trust, and also makes Jingxing decoration have a better platform to show themselves。    ... [详细]
The traditional integrated bathroom design, there are many unreasonable, although it is more convenient to use, but the humid air in the bathroom for a long time, easy to cause air pollution, as well as cleaning problems。Therefore, in order to improve people's quality of life, the design concept of dry and wet separation has gradually become popular。So how should the dry and wet separation bathroom be designed to be the most reasonable? The basic way of dry and wet separation “干... [详细]
The cloakroom is for us,It is always a slightly extravagant petty bourgeois behavior,Fascinating but often difficult to implement...In that way,If there was a way to create a separate cloakroom in a regular apartment,Integrate your closet and bedroom,It does not damage the openness of the spatial pattern,It can also combine personality storage, warm living, relaxation and rest intelligence。Today we will talk about the common extrusion cloakroom method in the bedroom, you can refer to it for reference! ... [详细]
With the rise in house prices, can only be forced to buy a small house, but as long as the decoration plan to choose the right small space can become a large space, the specific with Xiaobian together to see。 In terms of color, try to use light colors, solid colors and bright materials, and white walls can make the small bathroom look bigger 。Or choose milky or light yellow, light blue and light green are also good, let people naturally associate with water, but also belong to... [详细]
New house decoration should pay attention to these points will not regret      New house decoration, most of the owners are novices, overwhelming problems need us to solve, always let a lot of people are unprepared。So in the decoration we should pay attention to what problems?Xiaobian sorted out some knowledge points, hope to help you or decoration rookie ~ One: Be thoughtful &n... [详细]
The wheel of time has left a deep impression,With the warmth of the winter sun,We were filled with joy,Ushered in Jingxing Decoration 2017 annual event,January 22nd at 02:18 PM,Jingxing Decoration 2017 annual event was held in the grand ballroom of A Yi Guild Hall,There's a lot of talent on the scene,It was a full house,The party adopts "New Jingxing",The theme is "New leap",It shows how grateful we are,Move forward,不... [详细]
                Congratulations on the success of Jingxing Decoration's "318 Quality Home Improvement Festival" home improvement lecture Hall "Transaction is not the end, service starts from the heart" ... [详细]
  Jingxing decoration will focus on upgrading product implementation services this year    In the second half of 2017, Jingxing Decoration moved into the self-built Jingxing Building located at No. 3, Shilibao, Chaoyang Road to serve consumers。Consumers can see more than ten sets of different styles of real scene model rooms in the building, can choose hundreds of first-line brand main materials, can understand the use of hidden projects... [详细]
Jingxing Decoration 617 "Mid-Year Celebration" a complete success Jing Xing decoration opens "Cool summer, save summer Mode" Beijing's weather has now entered the "baking mode", go out for 5 minutes, sweat for 2 hours, this year dare to go out with you are friends of life and death ah。Friends inevitably want to find a cool place to escape the summer, do not know where to go?Don't worry, today's edition... [详细]
Jingxing decoration ploughed the capital for 15 years,Beijing Radio and Television strategic partner,"Life +" column construction alliance enterprise,Beijing TV "Life +" and Jingxing decoration jointly held a number of home improvement classes,Column leaders and industry experts visit the site to guide work and explain home improvement knowledge,The trust and recognition of the majority of consumers,It is the supervision of the TV station and the third-party supervision to supervise the construction quality,In order to truly let consumers in the decoration process without looking back... [详细]
Warmly congratulate Jingxing decoration won the capital people trust the home improvement brand      This year is the 12th year of the Beijing Home ranking。Looking back on previous years, in the context of the highly competitive industry, some home furnishing companies can always be fearless and stand out, always ranking in the list。And in the market after the "big waves", some powerless enterprises... [详细]
Jingxing Home shares year-end commendation and summary conference successfully concluded The old year, happy to start the New Year。The New Year brings with it new goals and hopes。Beijing Jingxing Home Furnishing Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingxing Decoration") annual meeting with the theme of "Jingxing 16 years, win the war 2019" was held in the conference hall on the second floor of the Jingxing Building of the headquarters on January 16, and the company's leaders, cooperative businesses, media friends and all employees gathered together... [详细]
Meet on June 16, more than 20,000: Jing Xing decoration 16th anniversary celebration shock 16年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层十大棋牌网赌软件大厦,有实力,不跑路 Beijing Radio and Television Station "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast ... [详细]
Jingxing decoration 18th anniversary store celebration, full package special 888 yuan/square meter value gift package crazy 18年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层总部大厦,有实力,不跑路 "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast 20 years old Beijing enterprise, design/construction double one level capital... [详细]
Beijing home improvement special brand day, special 888 new upgrade 19年品牌,东四环核心区<自建>总部6层总部大厦,有实力,不跑路 "Life + home decoration guide home decoration station" by Jingxing decoration title broadcast 20 years old Beijing enterprise, design/construction double qualification 2018 Beijing hundred trust home improvement brand "Life + Construction Alliance" construction recommended unit ... [详细]

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